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19-56 Compound A Mass spctrm: -moleculaR ion at 73 = odd mass = odd numbeR of nitRogens; If one nit±ogen and no oxygen P±esent ²oLecuLaR fo±muLa C4H11N ³Base Peak at 44 ´s M - 2 9 ± Th´s f±agµenT µUsT Be P±esent¶ - N ± C·3¸ I ², t CH¹CH3 Eº»¼½ H¾C¿CH¹CH3 ±9-²7 44 ± I H 2 AÀcÁeavage ½ sÃeÄt±uÅÆ Çtwo PeaKs aRound 3300 cÈÉ Ê ËÌdËcate a Í ° a²ÎneÏ no ËndËcatÐon oF oxYgen NÑ sÃectÒumÓ ³two excÔangeaÕÁe Ö±otons suggest NH¹ P±esent -I H ²uÁ×IPØeÙ a× 8 2.8 Åeans a cH-Nh± A ÚÛe st±uÄtu±e of A Åust Õe tÛe saµe as 1 aboveÓ CompOU²d B an Ðso²e± of A, so Ëts moLecuLa± Üo±muÁa µust aÁso Õe CÝHÞÞN ß½ sÃeÄt±umÆ ànØá one Öeaâ at 3300 cmã ä ² åæ amIne NÑ sçectèmÆ àée exÄÔangeabêe Ö±oton ² ³h ³×wo eTÛyØs P±esenT B Úhe s×ëìctu±e oí B must ÕeÆ + î Cï¹ = NCH¹CH3
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Unformatted text preview: I esonancestabilzed Z 58 (a) e acdcatayzed condensaton of a contoLLeD substance) wt metylane ydocLoDe gves an mn Wc can be ecd to metamPtane e ssPect was RoalY laning to use inc i uiatc acid dilute HCl) fo te Reducton 0Jl + C PenyL2PoPanone, etaetmne enaetone B) e juy acqutte te defendan on Te age of attePte manufactue o metametaIne. he wee LegaL PoBes wt ossbe entaPment Lus te fat that he had eve oened te bottLe of e statIng mateaL e defendant Was convcted on seVeRal Possession cages hoWVR and was aeD fou Yeas of nstItutIonaL tme to studY oganc cemsty 463...
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