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19-58 Mass spectrum: ±moleculaR ion at 87 = odd mass odd nUmbER of nit²ogEns PREsEnt ±if onE nitRogen and no oxygENs molecUlaR fo³ula C S H13N R t Ch2n2 ±base Peak at mJz 30 ± st´UctuRe must include this fRagment 30 IR spectµ¶· ¸two ¹Eaks in tHE 3300º3400 cm» ¼ Region 1° amIne ±MR spectRu½¾ ¸singlet at ¿ 0.9 foR 9H must be a TÀbutYl gRouP ±2Á signaL at ¿ 1Â0 Exchanges with D²0 ² must bE ¹Rotons on ± oR ° ¿ 1Ã0 ¿0Ä9 { ci3_ H3 CH2- l , ³3 T ¿2Å4 H h \ I ´. C= µ+ / \ H ± m z ³ 0 ÆotE that the BasE PEak in tHE MS aÇses fRoÈ clEavagE to givE tHesE two, REÉativeÉy stabÉE fÊagÈEËÌÍÎ Ï9Ð59 (a tough ¹RobLEm) Ch3 H H I \ / CH3 ¶C· + C=± ´ 1/ \ ch3 h H ÈJz 30 ½olecuLaR foÑmula C ¸¸ Hl6±² has 5 Ele½Ents of unsatuRation, enougH foR a bEnzenE Ring; no OXÒGÓÔs PRecludes ±02 and a½idEÕ if
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