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19-59 continued Carbon NM spectRm: ±four sIgnals around 5 12±-138 are the aroMatIc carbons ±the sIgnaL At 5 6± Is the CH2 bonded to the benzenE ±T²e oT³er 4 cArBonS come AS Two s´Gnµ¶S µT ( 46 AnD ( ²²; eAc² ·S A t¸iP¹eT, so t²ere Are Two SETS of ºwO equ·valent CH2 grouPs, each bondEd to N to shIft ·t doWnf·eld fraGMe»tS so far¼ < } CH2½N +
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Unformatted text preview: n + CH2 + CH2 ± ³ eleMent of unsAtura¾Ion CH2 CH2 ¿here ·s »o ev·dence for µn alkene ·n any oF t²e sPEctrµ, so the reMµ·nIng eleÀent of unsµturAt·on Must Be a rIng. ¿he s·ÁPl·c·ty oF the NR sPectra Ind·caTes µ fa·rly symÂetrIc comPoundà ÄsseMÅle the PÆecesÇ È9-60 (a) H 0 ɲ N Ê J H 1 CH3 ± a(ËcÌ h ÍH ( N Î V 465 (bÏ ² H...
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