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19-61 continued The resonance forms from elec±rophilic at±ack at C-3 are bad; only one of the ±hree is a signifIcan± contr²bUtor, wHich means tha± ±here ³s no± much resonance stab²lization. When the electrophIle attacks at C-2 or C´4µ howeverµ there are ±wo foRs tha¶ are good plus one great one that hA all atoms w·th full octets¸ Clearly¹ attack at C-2 and C-4 Give the most stable inteºmed·a¶es and will be the pºeFe»ed S·¶es oF
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Unformatted text preview: attack. ¼9-62 (aJ (0: C! continued on next page ½ ¾ + I C¿À ¿ÁNÁ½ O <?± .±²³ f-´ ²/ 9 ³ ½ N C I À o  Q ¿ BÃis the conjugate base of the acid H C½À ÄÅN: 1± BÆ i ÇÈNÉ d·· CÊOÇ '"1 + ,.´µ D ¶¶ -± called an amËnal 467...
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