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Solutions_Manual_for - 20-6 The reaction mixture includes the initial reactant reagent desired product and the overoxidation product-not unusual

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Unformatted text preview: 20-6 The reaction mixture includes the initial reactant, reagent, desired product, and the overoxidation product-not unusual for an organic reaction mixture. (a) ,, < :N � ____________ � eHO COOH er03 eH2_0- H-----------) � � y ether �eOOH "N C ( shake with ether and water water some compoundS have appreciable solubility in both ether and water ) o b.p. 137° b.p. 102° (b) Pentan-l-ol cannot be removed from pentanal by acid-base extraction. These two remaining products can be separated by distillation, the alcohol having the higher boiling point because of hydrogen bonding. 20-7 The has a characteristic IR absorption: a broad peak from 3400-2400 cm-I, with "shoulder" around 2700 cm-I. The carbonyl stretch at 1695 cm-I is a little lower than the standard 1710 cm-I, suggesting conjugation. The strong alkene absorption at 1650 cm-I also suggests it is conjugated. a � eH20H e �eHO e eOOH 4 72 ...
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