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20-8 (a) The ethyl pat±er is obvIous: a 3H tRIplet at b 1.15 and a 2H quARtet at b 2.4± The only o±²e³ peak IS the COOH b ±1.9 (a 2²1 b UNit offset added ±o 9.8)³ (b) . IH 1 I I I 10 9 8 o Ii CH3CH2-C-Oh o . ±² Q £ h-C±Ch2Ch² I i ± 7 6 ´ b (ppm ´ £ ³h Q 2 H TMµ Ii iI ± I ² I ³ ´ 4 3 2 1 0 ¶he multipLe± be±weeN < 2 aNd < 3 Is d·awn as a pen±e± as t²o¸gh I± we·e sp¹It equally by the alde²yde Pºoto» aNd t²e CH2 g³oup. These coupliNg coNstants a³e p³obabLy unequa¼, IN whIch case the actuaL spLIttINg ½¾t¿eÀ wI¼¼ be a comÁ¼ex mu¼tip¼et (c) The chemical
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Unformatted text preview: shIft of the aldehyde pooN Is between b 90, no as faR dowNfIeld as the cAboXyLIc cd poton. Lso, the aLdeyde potoN is spIt Into a IpLe bY e ch2, unlIke e COOH poton whc aLways appeas as a sInglet. FINay the CH2 Is spLIt by an exta poon, so I wIlL gIve a multIpLet wh complex splIttIng, iNstead of the quatet shown IN e acId. 209 :Oh + 1 / C . h2C=C Oh \ H t +OH / C H2CC OH \ h . . Oh i + C h C-C OH 2 h Oh c h2CC &quot; Oh \ h 473...
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