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20-12 (a) frst inteNediate :O-H i + II •• RC± H :O-h .. ²o³h 1 + ±± ´C - oh .. } ²O-H 1 + ´C= H secµnd InTeNedIat RC ( i ·· ²o¶· / ´C \ \ ¸ Y ³H } ´C \ :o´ :OR ¹o´ . . . . (b) º»e mec»a¼ism µF acid½catalyzed ¼ucLeµp»ilic acyL substitutiµn may seem dau¼tIng, bu¾ ¿t iS ÀÁMpÂà a successiµn steps t»at are already very FaÄiliar yµu. ºypically, t»ese mec»anÅsÆs »ave sIx stepsÇ FµuÈ pȵtµn tÈansFers (twµ µnÉ twµ µFF)Ê a nucLEµp»IlËÌ attack, a¼d a lEavi¼g grµup lEavÍng, wIt» a lItTLe Èesµ¼a¼cE stabIlIzatIµn t»rµwn in t»at makes t»Î whole thing wµÈKÏ ºÐe sIx steps aÈe
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