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20-1± (c) All steps are reversibLe, which is the re±son the Principle of McrosCopiC Reversibility ±ppliEs. AppLying steps ±s outlined on previous p±ge: (±bbrevi±ting O²H2²H3 a O³t) Step A proTon on (reson±nce st±biLiz±tion) Step B nUcIeophiLe ±tt±cks H - B ´s ±Cid cat±µysT :B² is Conjug±te b±se¶ ±Lthough in ·yd¸oLys´s re±ct´ons¹ w±ter usu±Lly removES H+ Step C proton oFf Step D p¸oTon step E Le±ViNg g¸oUº Le±Ves (¸eson±nce sT±biL´z±T´o»)
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