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Unformatted text preview: 20-37 � }_ ----V COOH < }- OH o- CH,oH 0-, + shake with ether and HCl (aq) ('hCOOH, PhOH, PhCH20H) V shake with NaHC03 (aq) PhCOONa shake with NaOH (aq) shake with ether and HCl (aq) PhNH3 Clshake with NaOH (aq) and ether ether NaOH (aq) NaCI PhNH2 NaCI ether ether evaporate � PhCOOH �pCOOH _ ure • < }- NH2 pure evaporate ! ! < }- CH20H pure PhCH20H evaporate NaOH (aq) PhONa NaCI PhOH evaporate .. pure 4 86 ...
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