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Result --Coral Paper - Porites Compressa from each site...

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One of the test I did was to find out the relationship of the overall diversity of both places by percent cover. In Figure 1, it shows the difference of the percent cover of substrate over all from both places. Lanikai has _______________________, but Makai pier has________________________. In figure 2, I took the abundance of each species and created a bar graph of Montipora ssp and
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Unformatted text preview: Porites Compressa from each site from the inner (A) and outer (B)shore transects. I used the north of Makai’s data. It shows that, Montipora is more abundant in _____________________, and Compressa is more abundant in ______________________. I also constracted a bar graph using north and south of Makai and found that_____________________( Figure 3)...
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