Reference for Coral Paper - discharges on the coral reefs...

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Literature Cited Dollar S.J. and Springer V (1981-1982) Wave Stress and Coral Community Structure in Hawaii. Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology No 616 Fabricius KE (2004) Effect of Terrestrial Runoff on the Ecology of Coarals and Coral Reef: Review and Synthesis. Marine Pollution Bulletin. Fenner D. (2005) Coarals of Hawaii: A field guide to Hard, Black,and Soft Corals of Hawai’i. Mutual Publishing. Honolulu, Hawaii Fulton CJ and Bellwood DR (2005) Wave-induced water motion and the functionalimplications for coral reef fish assemblages. American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, Inc. 50(1): 255-264 Grigg R (1983) Community Structure, Succession and Development of Coral Reef in Hawaii. Marine Ecology Progress Series 11: 1-14 Hoover JP (1998) Hawaii Sea Creatures. Mutual Publishing, Honolulu, Hawaii Larsen MC and Webb MT (2009) Potential effects of runoff, fluvial sediment, and nutrient
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Unformatted text preview: discharges on the coral reefs of Puerto Rico. Journal of Coastal Research 01-01-09. McClanahan TR and Obura D (1997) Sedimentation Effects on Shallow Coral Communities in Kenya. Journal of experimental marine biology and ecology 209: 103-122 Veron JE (1995) Corals in Space and Time: Biography and Evolution of the Scieractinia. UNSW Press Sydney Austrialia Yamano HA, Osamu AB, Matsumoto EB, Hajime KC, Nobuyuki Y, and Blanchon P (2003) Influence of wave energy on Holocene coral reef development: an example from Ishigaki Island, Ryukyu Islands, Japan. Sedimentary Geology 159:27-41 Yoshioka PM and Yoshioka BB (1989) Effects of wave energy, topographic relief and sediment transport on the distribution of shallow-water gorgonians of Puerto Rico Volume 8 No 3...
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Reference for Coral Paper - discharges on the coral reefs...

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