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Waimanalo tree sampling assignment Most of the calculations have been done and are summarized in the page ‘data summary’ and ‘data calculations’. Go over the worksheets and calculations to understand what was done. You should turn in graphs that includes figure captions (and all the other essentials). Try to do this all on one page (use 2 only if necessary). Figures don’t need to be big but font size should be easily legible. 1. There was some variability in habitat where people sampled. Is there a relationship between average tree density in the belt transects and average tree diameter? Make a scatter plot that includes a figure caption that reports the r^2 values and p values to 2 decimal points. Don’t worry about the regression equation line. Don’t include a table from an x-cel regression output. 2 . In a bar chart, compare the means (and standard errors ) of the belt transects with those from the point quadrants. Do this, at least, for both the class average and group 3 (which did a point
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