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Earth Day post - Its earth day So what What does it mean We...

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It’s earth day! So what? What does it mean? We suppose to appreciate Gaia and all the benefit and previledges that she has given us and that this planet is all we have. We suppose to think a little greener…a little bit more conscious of the little things we do that impact the environment. In school children are thought about this ideas and do little activities like planting, or picking up trash around the neighborhood. At work people carpool. It was in the 70’s when the idea was first initiated. Why is the year 2009 earthday a little different from any other? Before I give my answer to this question I have to tell you what led me to this thought. Before my Ecology class began this morning, my professor (Dr.Vetter) asked us something outside science; what is the disadvantage of having a two political party? Some student burst out answers here and there. He suggested that having a multiple party would represent the voice of the people much better, and that it would prevent another “Iraq War” which he thought (as I) was a waste of money.
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