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*** STUDY GUIDE FOR FIRST MIDTERM*** MMW-1, Track B -- Friday, 23 October 2009 Please note -- The number of Scantron questions is being reduced from 54 questions to 50, to save you the time and trouble of having to flip and re-label the reverse side of the Scantron card for only 4 questions – and that also means you will have 4 fewer Scantron questions to answer. The 4 extra points are being put into the “labeling” part of the point layout, but with no extra labeling required from you. This is a “one-time special freebie,” assuming you label everything correctly! EXAM FORMAT AND POINTS Your name on all pages of paper exam (one side only) _______ out of 2 possible points Correct section number & TA name on paper exam _______ out of 2 possible points Your name and correct section number on Scantron card _______ out of 2 possible points Part I -- Scantron (50 @ 1 pt each) _______ out of 50 possible points Part II -- Identifications (3 @ 4 pts each) _______ out of 12 possible points Part III -- Short Essay (1 @ 12 pts) _______ out of 12 possible points TOTAL _______ out of 80 possible points IMPORTANT --- YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING ONE GREEN SCANTRON CARD. They are usually marked Form No. 882-E or 882-ES. They are available at the University Bookstore, the Old Student Center co-op, the Revelle sundries store, and elsewhere on campus. You should also bring a good black No. 2 pencil, and a good eraser. OVERVIEW ** Anything covered in the assigned readings or in lecture (including the PowerPoints and films) is “eligible” to be on the midterm. You are also welcome to use information from section in answering the questions. IMPORTANT: The answers to all questions are to be based only on materials from this course. (For example -- No TV shows on Bigfoot; or published reports of space aliens being the first hominids on earth; or books about the “aquatic ape” theory -- or even scientific journal articles and Discovery Channel programs that were not part of this course -- etc.)
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This note was uploaded on 02/27/2010 for the course MMW 657482 taught by Professor Friedlander during the Fall '09 term at UCSD.

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FA09%20MT1%20Study%20Guide - * STUDY GUIDE FOR FIRST...

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