526lec2-3 - Computer Access Sun workstations may be...

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1/29/2010 1 Computer Access • Sun workstations may be accessed remotely in the open computing lab (JD1622C) via Hummingbird. 1 • Directions are available from computer support (JD 1109 or 1112) and will be available on the course web site. Turn ‘em OFF! 2 It seriously annoys your instructor, not a Good Thing. General Course Policies • Attendance is never taken – No penalty for not showing up if lectures are not worth your time Nd i t f h i i fd t l – No credit for showing up if you don’t learn anything • If you do come to class, try to arrive on time – Late arrivals are disruptive to those who do arrive on time • Homework must be turned in on time for credit 3 Weekly Schedule • Weekly schedule is a rough guideline. Do not expect it to be rigorously adhered to. 4 Permission Numbers • All available permission numbers were given out yesterday. • Some remain unused Some remain unused. • Unused numbers will be recycled to waiting students tonight. 5 EDA : Electronic Design Automation The process of using computer-based software systems to design very large-scale integrated (VLSI) circuits. 6 All modern integrated circuits are designed with EDA tools. This course uses Verilog for hardware description and the NC Verilog simulator from Cadence for simulation.
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1/29/2010 2 •COMPUTER-BASED LANGUAGE •Syntactically similar to programming languages •MODEL, REPRESENT, AND SIMULATE DIGITAL HARDWARE WHAT IS A HARDWARE DESCRIPTION LANGUAGE (HDL) ? •HARDWARE CONCURRENCY •PARALLEL ACTIVITY FLOW 7 PARALLEL ACTIVITY FLOW •SEMANTICS FOR SIGNAL VALUE AND TIME •SPECIAL CONSTRUCTS AND SEMANTICS HILO2, HARDWARE C, AHDL (U of A 1970), ISPS (CMU, 1971) EXAMPLES VERILOG, VHDL ( V ery High Speed Integrated Circuit H ardware D escription L angauge) Current HDL Usage • All current digital IC development is done with either VHDL or Verilog. • Other scripting languages (perl make 8 Other scripting languages (perl, make, Tk/tcl) may be used to supplement them. • All FPGA, ASIC and 3 rd party tool vendors (Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor Graphics, etc.) support both Verilog and VHDL. Why Use an HDL ? As the complexity of systems increases, it becomes more difficult to design directly on hardware. Exploring different design options is easier and cheaper because you only need to change the HDL description. It 9 is much easier to change the description than to reconfigure the prototype. You can try different design options quickly and easily. The time to fix a design problem is reduced and so is the cost . Test Early and Often 10 Finding defects early is way cheaper than finding them after they are out in the field. Image © Texas Instruments. Transistor Density • First microprocessor (circa 1971) had 2,300 transistors. • It was done by a team of four in about four 11 It was done by a team of four in about four months.
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526lec2-3 - Computer Access Sun workstations may be...

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