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ECE 526 Homework 2 Due February 25 1. Code a Verilog module that will: Output 1 if preset is low and reset is high Output 0 if reset is low and preset is high Output an X if both preset and reset are low Toggle states on the clock rising edge if both preset and reset are high. 2a. Using structural Verilog and gate-level operators, write a Verilog module to implement a two-bit magnitude comparator. This comparator should have three active- high outputs: one for equal, one for A > B and one for B > A.
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Unformatted text preview: 2b. Implement the same function in behavioral Verilog. 3. Sketch the hardware that would result from synthesizing this code: module homework(MY_OUT, IN1, IN2, CLK); output [3:0] MY_OUT; input [3:0] IN1, IN2; input CLK; reg [3:0] MY_OUT; reg [3:0] TEMP; always @(posedge CLK) begin TEMP = IN1 + IN2; MY_OUT = TEMP + IN1; end endmodule Make your sketch at a high level of abstraction, that is, using registers and arithmetic operators rather than Boolean gates....
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