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EE 320 – Homework #5 1. Construct a 5x32 decoder with four 3x8 decoders and a 2x4 decoder. (Use a block diagram) 2. Design a combinational circuit that generates the 9’s complement of a BCD digit A combinational circuit is designed by the 3. A combinational circuit is designed by the following three functions: F 1 =x’y’+xyz’ F 2 =x’+y
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Unformatted text preview: F 3 =xy+x’y’ Design the circuit with a decoder and some external gates. 4. Using 4 exclusive-OR gates and a four bit full adder, construct a 4-bit parallel adder/subtractor. Use an input select variable V so that when V=0, the circuit adds and when V=1, the circuit subtracts. (Use 2’s complement for subtraction)...
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