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ECE 561 – Digital Communications Systems MATLAB Tutorial #2 This tutorial describes the blocks in the Communications Blockset that are used for quantization and pulse modulation. In the first example we will simulate a uniform quantizer that has a range of ±4V and 8 quantization levels. The Quantizing Encoder block performs uniform quantization. This block requires two parameters: the quantization partition and the quantization codebook. The quantization partition is a vector that includes the values at which the intervals are separated. In our example, each quantization level is 8/8 = 1. Thus, we start at a level of -4 and increase by one unit until we reach the maximum values of 4. We describe this with the quantization partition: [ -4 : 1 : 4] The quantization codebook is a vector that specifies the output value for each quantization level in addition to the output value corresponding to inputs outside of the range of the quantizer. We will select the output value to be the value in the center of the level. For example, if the input is between -4 and -3, the output will be -3.5. We also need to specify the output values when the input falls above the maximum partition or below the minimum partition. Those correspond to the last and first values of the
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matlab_tutorial_two - ECE 561 Digital Communications...

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