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Unformatted text preview: I ntroduction to MATLAB ENME271 CLOSED BOOK AND CLOSED NOTES Test #4 2009 1 hr and 40 min Problems 2, 3 and 4 are to be solved on the computer using MATLAB. The questions in problem 1 are to be answered in handwritten form with the MATLAB software not booted. Turn in your answers to problem 1 before starting to work on the remaining problems Prob. 1 The questions in problem 1 are to be answered in the contex of MATLAB. (a) What are two limitations that an inline function has that a user-defined f unction file does not have? (b) When would you use t rapz rather than quad t o carry out an integration? (c) What is the format for the ode45 command? (d) How does the size of the intervals beween successive values of the independent variable s pecified in the ode45 command affect the accuracy of the results? (e) What is the format of the f solve command? (f) What is the format of the polyfit command and what is its output? (g) Write out the plot command for the case where y is to be plotted versus x in Cartesian c oordinates using a solid black line having a linewidth of 2. T...
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