There are to be no markers h what is the format of

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Unformatted text preview: here are to be no markers. (h) What is the format of the f plot command, assuming that there are no line specifications or markers? (i) What are three ways of obtaining a plot of two curves on a single graph? (j) In what units is the width of a line specified on a plot? Prob. 2 The head loss h due to water flowing with a speed V through a smooth pipe of diameter D and length L is given by the following equation. V L ⋅ 2D 2 h = f⋅ f is called the friction factor and the equation for it is f= 0.316 where ν is the kinematic viscosity and V and D are as previously defined. V⋅ D ν 0.25 For the water in question ν = 10 −5 2 ft /s Write an inline function for f and use it in the calculation for h for a pipe whose length is 130 ft for the following paired values of D and V. D (ft) 0.5 0.6 0.8 Present your results in a table. Prob. 3 Write and run a program using ode45 to solve the differential equation y'' + y' − 2 ⋅ y = 0. y( 0 ) = 1 and y'( 0 ) = 0. Print out values of y corresponding to x values...
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