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ENME 392 Fall 2009 - Statistical Methods for Product and Process Development NAME____________________ Tues – Thurs: Section 0101 11:00-12:15 room EGR 2107; Section 0201 9:30-10:45 room ANS 0408 Prof. D. B. Barker, room 2112 ENG, (301) 405-5264, [email protected] SECTION ___________________ 10/1/09 page 1 Quiz #3 Open Book & Open Notes Show your work if you want any partial credit. If you are asked to come to a conclusion in a problem, be sure and state the conclusion and the reason(s) behind your conclusion. Only work on these exam pages, make a note and continue work on the back of the sheets, if you need the room. 1. A shipment of fibers is not acceptable if the mean breaking strength of the fibers is less than 50 N. A large sample of fibers from this shipment was tested, and a 98% lower confidence bound for the mean breaking strength was computed to be 50.1N. Someone suggests using these data to test the hypotheses H 0 : µ ≤ 50 versus H 1 : µ > 50 . a.
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