Quiz 4 solutions

Quiz 4 solutions - ENME 392 Fall 2009 - Statistical Methods...

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Unformatted text preview: ENME 392 Fall 2009 - Statistical Methods for Product and Process Development NAME____________________ Tues Thurs: Section 0101 11:00-12:15 room EGR 2107; Section 0201 9:30-10:45 room ANS 0408 Prof. D. B. Barker, room 2112 ENG, (301) 405-5264, dbarker@umd.edu SECTION ___________________ 11/10/09 page 1 Quiz #4 Open Book & Open Notes Show your work if you want any partial credit. If you are asked to come to a conclusion in a problem, be sure and state the conclusion and the reason(s) behind your conclusion. Only work on these exam pages, make a note and continue work on the back of the sheets, if you need the room. 1. The following data were collected in an experiment to study the relationship between the number of pounds of fertilizer and the yield of tomatoes in bushels. The Excel regression output for =5% is: SUMMARY OUTPUT Regression Statistics Multiple R 0.971008312 R Square 0.942857143 Adjusted R Square 0.885714286 Standard Error 1.434274331 Observations 5 ANOVA df SS MS F Significance F Regression 2 67.88571429 33.94285714 16.5 0.057142857 Residual 2 4.114285714 2.057142857 Total 4 72 Coefficients Standard Error t Stat P-value Lower 95% Upper 95% Intercept 4.8 3.076175733 1.560378995 0.2590414250....
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Quiz 4 solutions - ENME 392 Fall 2009 - Statistical Methods...

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