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ECE 543: Communication Networks I: Final Fall 2009 Rules/Comments : 1. Due: Monday, January 14th, noon. 2. How: By Email to me ([email protected]) with the following Subject (note that it is all 1 word and capitalized): ECE543FINAL 3. Format: CLEAR HANDWRITING and scanned for emailing. 4. Note: The questions are from the book and might require reading some parts ( e.g., Chapter 4) which
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Unformatted text preview: were not necessarily discussed in class and need to be read. 5. NO COLLABORATION If collaboration is detected (e.g., similar errors/similar proofs), you will be penalized severely. Questions : 1. Question 2.23 from the book. 2. Question 3.64 from the book. 3. Question 3.66 from the book. 4. Question 4.10 from the book. 5. Question 4.21 from the book. 1...
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