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Course Outline Myth (Sharp) Sept14

Course Outline Myth (Sharp) Sept14 - THE UNIVERSITY OF...

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THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO DEPARTMENT OF CLASSICAL STUDIES Kendall Sharp, Ph.D. T.C. 418 (x 84518) [email protected] CS 2200 Classical Mythology Course Outline Fall 2009-Winter 2010 MW 10:30-11:30 NS 1 O FFICE H OURS : Friday, 1:30-2:30 R EQUIRED T EXTS 1) Introduction to Mythology Package Fall 2009 , which includes: 2) Thury & Devinney, Introduction to Mythology (2 ed.) Aeschylus, Oresteia Euripides, Bacchae and other plays The Homeric Hymns Apollodorus, The Library of Greek Mythology Plato, Selected Myths Livy, The Rise of Rome: Books One to Five 3) The Odyssey Of Homer Translated by Richmond Lattimore 4) Other texts provided in electronic form by the instructor NB: The Package is available only at the UWO Bookstore for a specially discounted price. All titles in the Package besides the Thury textbook are from the series called the Oxford World Classics . The Lattimore translation of the Odyssey is widely available new and secondhand, and also at the UWO Bookstore. C OURSE D ESCRIPTION This course introduces students to ancient Greek and Roman mythology, as well as to the main problems of, and theoretical approaches to myth per se. C OURSE O BJECTIVES Students will learn the characters and storylines of the major Greek and Roman myths. They will also be able to discuss how these myths functioned in the Greek and Roman socio-cultural environments. They will gain this body of factual knowledge from reading our primary sources for these myths, the original texts (in translation). They will also
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