lab schedule - (TA’s Samson Girma Mengistu Andrea...

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EARTH SCIENCES 1022a Laboratory Schedule , 2009 Lab sections: Tuesdays 1 30 - 3 30 pm Wednesdays 9 30 - 11 30 am 11 30 am - 1 30 pm Schedule: week 1: Sep 8-11 No labs week 2: Sep 15-17 Lab 1: Minerals week 3: Sep 22-24 Lab 2: Igneous Rocks week 4: Sep 29-Oct 1 Lab 3: Sedim. and Metam. Rocks week 5: Oct 6-8 tutorial week 6: Oct 13-15 ROCK AND MINERAL QUIZ week 7: Oct 20-22 Lab 4: Stratigraphic Principles week 8: Oct 27-29 Lab 5: Structural Geology week 9: Nov 3-5 Lab 6: Geologic Maps week 10: Nov 10-12 tutorial week 11: Nov 17-19 F I N A L L A B E X A M week 12: Nov 24-26 No more labs Lab Demonstrators: Rod Dammeier Azadeh Fereydouni Zhenzhen Huang Alexandra Pontefract
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Unformatted text preview: (TA’s) Samson Girma Mengistu Andrea Prentice Check schedule on B&G 1015 to see an ES 1022A TA out of scheduled lab times. Marking: Lecture Material midterm test 20% final exam 40% Lab Material rock & min quiz 10% final lab exam 20% weekly labs 10% Lab exercises must be handed in at the start of the lab period following assignment (late penalty 20% per day; not acceptable after 3 days late) 2 The lab part of the course MUST BE PASSED to get credit for Earth Sciences 1022a Please submit the $5 lab fee as soon as you can. Thanks and good luck!...
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lab schedule - (TA’s Samson Girma Mengistu Andrea...

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