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Earth Sciences 1022a Lecture Brief 6 Sep 09 METAMORPHIC ROCKS - rocks can be deeply buried, intruded by magma, or squeezed; they are subjected to heat, pressure, and chemically active fluids: these agents result in metamorphism Controlling Factors: parent rock – metamorphic rock retains much the same chemistry as the parent heat - drives chemical reactions that recrystallize minerals in the parent rock as it bakes; heat from magma intrusion and from deep in the Earth (geothermal gradient) pressure - confining pressure (from all directions) or directed pressure (by colliding lithospheric plates) under which minerals realign to form a new texture ( foliation ) chemical activity : water is important in mineral transformations - commonly loaded with ions in the rock’s pore spaces and water is also released from minerals on heating (dehydration) to react with minerals in the parent rock to form new minerals Metamorphic Grade: the intensity of metamorphism… - increases mainly with temp., as indicated by
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