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Unformatted text preview: Injury and Violence: A Public Health Problem GM Roybal, M.D., M.P.H. HP 200 Fall 2006 September 21, 2006 1 Injury Factors: Host Agent Environment Vehicle Vector Epidemiologic Triangle (Triad) Host Vector Agent Environment Injury Factors: Injury Factors: Host – Person susceptible to injury. Agent – Environmental entity whose action is necessary to produce the specific damage of interest and without which it cannot occur. Police Officer Pedestrian Bystander You Me Specific Agents of Injury: – – – – – Gravitational Mechanical Radiant Thermal Chemical 2 Injury Factors: Injury Factors: Vector (Vehicle) – The means of transmission of the energy causing agent Environment – Where the injury takes place Bullet Rock Arrow Freeway Street Dance Club Parking Lot The Injury Pyramid Death Intensive Care Severity Hospitalization Emergency Department Treatment at Home The Injury Pyramid 3 4 5 6 Injury Spending, by Age and Sex: National Medical Expenditure Survey, 1987 7 Total Injury Medical Spending per Capita, by Age Group and Sex: National Medical Expendature Survey, 1987 National Survey, Economic Costs of Violence Medical Cost of Injuries in 1987 was $64.7B In 1990, Firearm Injuries Cost over $20.4B in Both Direct and Indirect Costs of Hospital and Other Medical Care and Indirect Costs of Long-Term Disability and Premature Death Economic Costs of Violence The Ring of Fire: Southern California wgbh /pages/frontline/shows/guns/ 80% of the Economic Cost of Treating Firearm Injuries are Paid for by Taxpayer Dollars – Medicaid – Public Hospitals – Public Assistance to the Disabled 8 9 ...
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