Employer based insurance favors those with higher

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Unformatted text preview: Favors Those with Higher Incomes Government Based Insurance Medicare Medicaid (MediCal) CHIP Military – VA, Active Duty, CHAMPUS Additionally, the premium is a smaller percentage of total income: – For person with Salary of $60,000/yr Monthly: $5,000 Percent of Total: 350/5000 = 7% Monthly: $2,500 Percent of Total: 350/2500 = 14% – For person with Salary of $30,000/yr 2 Medicare: Medicare: Before its enactment in 1965: – 50% of Elderly People Had No Health Insurance. Before its enactment in 1965: – In 1964 there were 190 hospital discharges per 1000 elderly people. After: – By 1973 that number had increased to 350 discharges per 1000 elderly people Now: – More than 97% of Senior Citizens are insured through the program Medicare: Medicare: Before its enactment in 1965: – In 1960 men who survived to 65 could expect to live to 78. In 1992 83% of Medicare spending wa...
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