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Econ 4020 Syllabus - ECON 4020-002 INTERMEDIATE...

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ECON 4020-002 INTERMEDIATE MACROECONOMICS Spring 2010 (Preliminary syllabus) Cihan Bilginsoy Office: OSH 352 e-mail: bilginsoy@ Phone: 581-7691 Office hours: W 9:00-11:00 or by appointment. Objective : This intermediate level macroeconomics course builds upon the Principles of Macroeconomics course. The classical and Keynesian macroeconomic models will provide a framework to understand and assess current debates about macroeconomic theory, policy and performance. The ultimate objective of the course is to provide insight into key policy issues concerning unemployment, inflation, and stabilization in closed and open economies. The course will present the arguments and analysis rigorously. Please bear in mind that this course fulfils the Quantitative Intensive BS requirement. Students are expected to be familiar with graphical analysis, basic linear algebra, and basic calculus. I will also make use of real world data and ask students to interpret macroeconomic time series. For this purpose it is necessary for all students to be familiar with basic features Excel. Textbook : Michael Burda and Charles Wyplosz (BW), Macroeconomics , 5 th edition, Oxford University Press, 2009. This is a rigorous and intellectually challenging macroeconomics textbook. It is not always an easy read, but once you get into the groove, you will reap the benefits. Plan to spend a lot of time with it. Other Readings: Other readings may be assigned during the semester. These readings will be available on WebCT. Course website : The syllabus, homework assignments, answers to exams and homework assignments, solutions to problems, sample exams, extra readings (short pieces), economic data, and announcements will be posted on WebCT. I will not post lectures on WebCT.
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Course requirements and Grading : The course grade will be based on two in-class midterm exams, in-class final exam, and homework assignments. Assignments are due at the beginning
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Econ 4020 Syllabus - ECON 4020-002 INTERMEDIATE...

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