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FRI Stream: Nanomaterials with Application to Catalysis FRI Stream: Computational Nanomaterials 2007-2008 Group 2008-2009 Group 2009-2010 Group Faculty: Crooks, Henkelman, Stevenson, & Vanden Bout ~ 45 Students/semester work in teams involving: I. Synthesis II. Characterization III. Catalytic evaluation IV. Theory & modeling Scientific Merit Discovery of more efficient catalysts Understanding of multi-electron, H + coupled transfer rxns Technological Impact Specialty chemical synthesis Energy conversion processes Environmental remediation
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Humanity’s Top Ten Problems for next 50 years 1. ENERGY 2. WATER 3. FOOD 4. ENVIRONMENT 5. POVERTY 6. TERRORISM & WAR 7. DISEASE 8. EDUCATION 9. DEMOCRACY 10. POPULATION 2004 6.5 Billion People 2050 ~ 10 Billion People
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