6338test1details - AIM 6338 Test #1 Details

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If you complete this review along with listening to the lectures, reading the chapters, and reviewing the  powerpoint slides (including BPI related slides).  The self quizzes should give you an idea of the types  of questions. Additionally, the homework and homework demos should help you with the emphasis of  concepts, too.  Test #1 will be 90 minutes long and you will have 50 multiple choice questions at 2 points each. You  can start the exam anytime during the testing window, but you want to start it by at least 10:30pm on  the last date of the testing window as the exam closes up at midnight (which is why you want to start it  at least by 10:30pm so you are not cut off). Once you start the exam, you have 90 minutes to complete  it. Information related to MM to FI accounting entries "behind the scenes" and related to the GR / IR  Account, etc will be anywhere from 12 - 24 points of the exam. My hint: Use the objectives in Module 1, 2 and 3 and the related units as a guideline for where you  should focus. I expect that you have read all materials related to these 3 modules as specified in the  syllabus, have listened to lectures and read the discussion boards for all relevant information in the  course.  Use the self-tests to give you an idea of the types of questions.  Some content related  questions may also be posted in the GRADED DISCUSSIONS area. Here are those objectives: Module 1 consists of 2 units, Unit 1: Introduction to Course, the Evolution of Accounting Information Systems and the Accounting Systems Development Life Cycle and SAP ASAP Methodology and Unit 2: Business Process Integration I Exercises and Enterprise Systems Integration Platforms. After this Module, you should move from SAPless to more SAP-savvy and should be able to explain what SAP is and how a system such as SAP operates to integrate accounting with business processes. Module 1, Unit 1: Introduction to Course, the Evolution of Accounting Information Systems and the Accounting Systems Development Life Cycle and SAP ASAP Methodology Accounting information systems have changed drastically in recent years. From manual systems to practically total integration with business processes using ERP, accounting information systems can anticipate even more changes thanks to enterprise systems technology such as will be explained and demonstrated in the ERP system, SAP and with E-business. In this Module, we explain this evolution in accounting systems, how accounting information systems can be developed with total integration within an ERP system and what SAP is. Topic 1 Introduction to Course
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6338test1details - AIM 6338 Test #1 Details

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