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Homework Set III AIM 3341 – 501 Due April 14 th , 2009 Instructions : This homework set is worth a total of 50 points. The deadline for this assignment is 5:30 pm on April 14 th . No late assignments will be accepted. Students are to work individually. No group work or collaboration is allowed. Any student suspected of collaboration will receive a zero on the homework assignment and will be reported for academic dishonesty. Homework answers are
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Unformatted text preview: to be clearly labeled. Printouts of cell formulas are also required for those problems worked using Microsoft Excel. No partial credit will be given. 1. Problem 8.23, pg. 329 (5 points) 2. Problem 8.28, pg. 331 (10 points) 3. Problem 9.28, pg. 364 (10 points) 4. Problem 9.29, pg. 365 (5 points) 5. Problem 9.31, pg. 366 (5 points) 6. Problem 10.23, pg. 406 (10 points) 7. Problem 10.24, pg.406 (5 points)...
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