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file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/lbr/Desktop/HW17Ans_files. .. 1 of 13 10/18/2006 2:13 PM Physics 220 Assignment 7 Assignment is due at 11:59pm on Thursday, October 26, 2006 Credit for problems submitted late will decrease to 0% over the course of 240 hour(s) after the deadline has passed. The wrong answer penalty is 1% per part. Multiple choice questions are penalized as described in the online help. There is no opened hint penalty or unopened hint bonus. You are allowed unlimited attempts per answer. This assignment is now complete. ______________________________________________________________________ Class 18 HW7_1 N Part A We draw four electric field lines per coulomb of charge. 16 lines come out of a Gaussian surface and 32 lines come into the Gaussian surface. What is the net number of field lines passing through the Gaussian surface? Hint A.1 How do you count lines? Count +1 for every line going out and -1 for every line going in. ANSWER: Net number = Part B What is the total charge enclosed within the Gaussian surface? ANSWER: = C HW7_2 GL Part A The net number of electric field lines passing through a Gaussian surface depends always upon A)the location of charges inside the Gaussian surface, B) the total charge inside the Gaussian surface, C) the net charge outside the Gaussian surface, D) the shape of the Gaussian surface, E) the radius of the Gaussian surface. Enter the letters corresponding to the correct answers in alphabetical orders. Use the letters in upper case without commas, such as DGH. Ignore feedback about the answer not depending on a particular variable. ANSWER: Answers = HW7_3 GLM Part A 6 magnetic field lines pass into a Gaussian surface. If the source of field lines is a wire carrying 3.00 A of current, how many magnetic field lines pass out of the surface? ANSWER: Number = HW 7_4 rho Part A
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file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/lbr/Desktop/HW17Ans_files. .. 2 of 13 10/18/2006 2:13 PM A sphere of radius 2.49 contains a charge of 54.0 uniformly distributed throughout it. What is the charge density? ANSWER: = Part B If the same charge were distributed uniformly over the surface of the sphere rather than throughout its volume, the charge density would be: ANSWER: = Class 19 The Charge on a Thundercloud Description: Estimate the charge on a thundercloud just before a lightning strike, given the breakdown voltage of air. In a thunderstorm, charge builds up on the water droplets or ice crystals in a cloud. Thus, the charge can be considered to be distributed uniformly throughout the cloud. For the purposes of this problem, take the cloud to be a sphere of diameter 1.00 kilometer. The point of this problem is to estimate the maximum amount of charge that this cloud can contain, assuming that the charge builds up until the electric field at the surface of the cloud reaches the value at which the surrounding air breaks down. This breakdown means that the air becomes highly ionized, enabling it to conduct the charge from the cloud to the ground or another
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HW7 - file/C/Documents and...

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