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palin09 - if knowr we can effect positive change outside...

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Unformatted text preview: , if knowr we can effect positive change outside government atthie moment in timefdll- another-Wt! actually make adifl'ereow .So wewill for Alaskans and for Americans. en HIM Letrne aeoflaeeeh-leanelogy ormaandthat'a : E e’el :bee- af- basketball. n we il'yo more a full-noun pteee {W picking away right now {H 4...; a good point gum-Mahatma drivee through A hill-court preee, protecting the hall, keeping her Woke-mm hueye on the basket. “in: knofiraexaetlpwheotopaaatheballaothat the team ean win. And that is what I‘m doing - keepiogfleye on the hell i that reprwenta eoand priorities. m inelttde energy ntdependeneeraad e governmenth and national aeourilgaaad-fiadom: And I know w it a time to pass the hall forviotory. rel—- And-I‘ve WITH}? reasone am eandidlhtaathlinfly. sump laet dajlr won‘t be for another few weeks. so the transition 1will be venternooth In fact, ate look forward to awenriirgf‘n'Sean Parnell tip-tine to Fairbanks at the oooelueion ol' our governor’s pienie at the end nt‘the rnnnth m find I "it? don‘t want to disappoint anyone m so 35' W I ean any?“ flat W%m% mam amateur Wdon‘t mind waatingpublie dollars Ind-It‘ll: than, butIdo. hi-IoannotWafl-owih We to wastejuateo that I can holdthe a ...
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