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Chemical Principles

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Abstract Determine phosphorus concentration and the hardness of tap water by the EDTA titration. In the experiment then there was an uncertainty of 0.41.9ppm in hardness of tap water, and the know value of 3 M HCL. Incorrect pipetting and titration techniques are some reasons for error in experiment. Background A present day example of water contaminant could be a runoff from a crop field that contaminated the pond by the wheat field that fertilizer was applied to crops. Also another good example of water contaminants is if there is a water man break and where the pipeline broke there are contaminants of different minerals in the soil that can get into the water. Another is a example of water contaminant experiment with the hard water, is living the country or farm the water source could be well water which is usually hard water. To use this type of water on a daily basis, there is a need for a water purification system to drink the water and a water softener for washing cloths and showering. Procedure Refer to Experiment 16 in Utecht,R.; Downey,T.; Miller,M.; Hirko,R. Chem 112L -General Chemistry I Laboratory, 3 rd ed. , Cache House, Inc: Eden Prairie, MN, 2009. Observation The first part of the experiment was doing with the phosphate contamination. In this experiment there was two different trials, one was of the know substance with six different measurements of the phosphate concentration, color reagent and distilled water and one of the unknown substance, with three samples of the unknown concentration with color reagent and distilled water. Then would put the various measurement in a
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112L report-16 - Abstract Determine phosphorus...

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