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Chemical Principles

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Background : In this lab, the experiment is based from learning how use scientific measurement with scientific equipment. The first part of this is to use different formulas of solutions to determine the pH level of that particular solution. The equipment used in this experiment was pH meter, thermocouple, which the pH meter is used to measure the pH levels in various solutions to find the accurate pH levels. The thermocouples was use to measure the water temperature in the experiment. The second part of the experiment was to get familiar with the beaker, graduated cylinder and pipet and using scientific measurements. In three different sets, there was five trial done in each the beaker, graduated cylinder and pipet to calculate the accuracy and precision of the experiment. First get a beaker and use a balance to weight the beaker to get a tare weight, then add the 25 ml of water then weight it again to get total weight. Then subtract those two calculations to get the water weight. Then use the thermocouples to measure the temperature, so you can get the water density to calculate
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chem lab report1 - Background In this lab the experiment is...

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