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Compassionate Creations Compassionate Creations is an independently owned catering service that strives to provide relief to the elderly and families on the go. Life is demanding and full of challenges. Compassionate Creations will take pride in meeting the demands of our clients-no matter how big or small the task may be. Delivery is also an option of the services provided. To ensure proper service, all members of the Compassionate Creations team will receive extensive training and will be required to prvide a high standard of quality in order to meet customer
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Unformatted text preview: satisfaction. We are currently recruiting qualified and devoted people looking to make a career out of helping people in need. Interested parties should send a resume to or call (937) 710-1431 for more information. At Compassionate Creations, family is our motivation. Each and every customer will be considered our top priority. Please consider Compassionate Creations to serve your family in times of need. For catering services or employment opportunities, please see the above information. We look forward to catering to you!...
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