Club IT Part 2 - Club IT Part21 Club IT Part 2 By Stephany...

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  Club IT Part  2 1 Club IT Part 2 By: Stephany Boles-University of Phoenix-Axia College XBIS219-Professor Shawn Rieder January 10, 2009
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  Club IT Part  2 2 Club IT is a new but successful business. There are different aspects of their business that can improve if the business were to implement more technology into their everyday business transactions. Paying attention to customer service, business efficiency, and advertisement would be the most beneficial aspects of the business to correct with technology. Database Management Technology Club IT has two computers in the back office. Researching of the website and company information made it evident that Club IT needs a database management system. Club IT needs to incorporate a transaction processing system into their business. There are large benefits to possessing a transaction processing system at Club IT. Through a transaction processing system, Club IT will be able to keep track of inventory, employee information, business functions, Networking Technology Club IT needs to have a WAN and LAN for local and extended communication with employees, members, and business partners. The company can benefit from gaining a Broadband connection, along with internet and extranet. A dial-up connection can cause for slow processing of information. Dial-up makes it impossible to stay connected to the internet at times. Club IT needs to have a reliable internet service to ensure they can access the company website. According to Michael Porter, the key question is not whether to deploy Internet technology – companies have no choice if they want to stay competitive – but how to deploy it (Chaffey, Ellis- Chadwick, Mayer & Johnson, 2006). Club IT can deploy their business most effectively if they incorporate broadband internet connection into their business. Broadband is upgradable depending on the level of business they plan to do on the internet.
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Club IT Part 2 - Club IT Part21 Club IT Part 2 By Stephany...

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