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Protein Article Search 1 Protein Article Search By: Stephany Boles-University of Phoenix-Axia College SCI241-Professor Greg Burnett December 12, 2009
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Protein Article Search 2 Protein serves many purposes in the human body. Consuming protein allows the formation of antibodies to help fight infection. One of the most important functions of protein is aiding in the strengthening of the immune system. In my chosen article, Boosting built-in immunity, a plant pathologist analyzes an apple tree’s protective system for fighting rotting. The protein responsible for the tree’s immunity to rotting has been isolated, because it was discovered that as the tree matures the protective system decreases. The protein is called polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein (PGIP). According to William S. Conway, a plant pathologist, twenty-five to thirty percent of food harvested is lost before it even reaches consumers due to microorganisms that cause rotting (1995). Conway, along with Chenglin Yao, are working together to develop a superior Red Delicious Apple tree which the fruit is more
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Protein Article Search - ProteinArticleSearch1 Protein...

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