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The Information Systems Department - The Information...

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The Information Systems Department 1 The Information Systems Department By: Stephany Boles-University of Phoenix-Axia College XBIS219- Professor Shawn Rieder November 20, 2009
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The Information Systems Department 2 Technology has grown more than over the past couple decades more than what anyone ever anticipated. Although many people themselves have benefitted from technology, businesses have come to be more successful since implementing technology into their everyday processes. The roles that technology plays in certain departments such as finance and human resources have greatly changed the way some companies do business. In the finance department of a company there are several ways which technology is beneficial Technology such as the internet can play a great role in a finance department. Members of the finance team can watch the market and see what the competition is doing. The ability to be able to see the economic forecast will help the finance department make a more accurate decision as far as the budget is concerned. Once the department sees what is going on in
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