Mifos - reports, and administration. Under client accounts,...

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A Microfinance MIS 1 A Microfinance MIS By: Stephany Boles-University of Phoenix-Axia College XBIS219-Professor Shawn Rieder November 28, 2009
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A Microfinance MIS 2 Mifos is an industry-wide initiative to address to microfinance information management challenge (Mifos, 2007). Microfinance is the strategy used by taking out small loans to start a small business, and using the money earned from profits to repay the loans so that more money can be borrowed. Where Milfos comes in is that they provide a web-based management information system to several clients and employees. The management information system allows users to locate information for loan officers at each of the different branches. The information can be changed or updated at any time if the person is permitted to do so. Options are also available under tabs such as clients/accounts,
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Unformatted text preview: reports, and administration. Under client accounts, users can access detailed information about any client that is managed by specified loan officers. Information such as payment schedule and payments made can also be accessed. Under the reports tab, information such as operational, financial, and analytical can be generated. Information such as departmental performance can be accessed in a report. Under the administration tab, with a Mifos information system, information such as loan alterations and details such as fees assessed, along with security stipulations to secure who can have access to information. A Microfinance MIS 3 References Mifos. 2009. Demo the Software. _ Retrieved November 28, 2009_ www.mifos.com...
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Mifos - reports, and administration. Under client accounts,...

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