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Three Day Diet Analysis 1 Three Day Diet Analysis By: Stephany Boles-University of Phoenix-Axia College SCI241- Professor Greg Burnett November 20, 2009
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Three Day Diet Analysis 2 Over the course of the last three days, I had the opportunity of entering and evaluating the intake of my foods daily. Although there were some areas that were satisfactory, there were other areas which need attention. In this paper, I will be breaking down the information which was disclosed to me in the dietary guideline recommendations. Being that I am a faithful vegetable eater, I was not surprised with the fact that I exceeded the recommendations. The recommended daily amount for vegetables for me is 3.5 cups (USDA. 2009). The actual amount consumed was 5.9 cups. I am not sure if eating too many vegetables is a negative thing, but I consume more vegetables than anything. Although I consume a lot of vegetables, they are most generally accompanied by pasta, which brings me to my next evaluation. The second area I was evaluated was grains. The daily amount recommended for me in grains is 9 oz. (USDA. 2009), and I consumed 10.1 oz. The grains that I consumed were pastas and pizza crust. Although a diet should be balanced with grains included, too many grains can
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Three Day Diet Analysis - Three Day Diet Analysis By...

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