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History 2626 – Midterm Study Guide Gender and Culture in the Caribbean Part I: Identify and give the significance of - This should be viewed as short essay questions, i.e. answer in several coherent sentences. Consider all the following in writing this short answer: who or what? When? Where? How? The significance deals with why or so what? You will be asked to answer two of five (20 points) Asiento Cudjoe Gender History Caliban Port Royal William Beckford Melville Herskovits Thomas Modyford Anancy Royal Africa Company Part II: Using facts and details compose an analytical essay based on the following questions. Be sure to address all parts of the question and support your analysis with detail from reading and lectures. (Beckles chapters 1, 2, 4, and 9; lecture folders ‘Introduction,’ ‘The Atlantic Slave Trade,’ and ‘Slave Plantation.’ Feel free to draw on Nugent and Thistlewood where appropriate). You will be asked to answer
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