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Unformatted text preview: African → Caribbean African Terminology Terminology Creole – Euro-descended (white) Mulatto – mixed (brown) Afro-Creole – African-descended Afro-Creole (black) (black) Indian – East Asian Creating Atlantic Culture Creating Africans full partner in developing Africans economy and cultured of New World economy At the center of this newly Atlantic At world world Not marginalized or banished to Not backwoods backwoods Afro-Creole Afro-Creole Arrived as human beings intent upon Arrived creating meaning out of their lived experience. experience. Culture: created in the quiet spaces Culture: beneath and between the dramatic and violent events of the visible sugar plantation life. plantation Indigenation Indigenation Numbers: escape the watchful eye of whites Create their own economic systems Create Continue African spiritual traditions “They were told what they had to do, but They rarely told what they ought to do.” Religion Religion Reconstruction Society Reconstruction Cultural components Cultural Institutions least stable Language quite stable → Religion more stable; values not institutions not Motor habits most stable: art, Motor music and dance African Religiosity African African Worldview African No separation between sacred and secular: No “Wherever the African is, there is his religion: he carries it to the fields where he is sowing seeds or harvesting a new crop; he takes it with him to the beer party or to attend a funeral ceremony; and if he is educated he takes religion with him to the examination room at school or in the university; if he is a politician he takes it to the house of parliament.” (Mbiti) parliament.” West African Religion One creator: good, just, mysterious, One remote remote Commune with spirits Purpose: bring back into right relation Healing, bringing about well-being Experiential rather than dogmatic Drums Drums & Movement Movement Survival Survival Part of the bundle that endures Religion central to West African life African religions: Inclusive Continually importing new slaves Missionaries came late to the Caribbean Santeria Santeria Condomblé Condombl Orisha Movement Movement TrinidadTobago Yoruba Spirits: Ogun – St Peter Yoruba Life in Motion Yemeya – Virgin Mary Yemeya Goddess of Water – Mother of All Haitian Voodoo Haitian Rastafari Rastafari Planters & African Religiosity Planters Jonkanoo Jonkanoo Amusements of their Amusements own own “Amusements of their own” - Jonkanoo ‘Superstition’ Old Cotton Tree Dwelling place of Dwelling spirits spirits Duppies Obeah – ‘Dark/Evil’ Obeah Bringing Back into Right Relation Bringing Gender Gender Africa Women Women Manipulating spiritual energy gender neutral Spirit possession Human body as receptacle for spirit Especially women’s bodies Feminine surrender / acted upon Non-repressed attitudes toward sexuality Dona Beatrice Kimpa Vita Kimpa Kongolese St. Kongolese Anthony Anthony Nyabingi Nyabingi ...
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