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1733 fighting men fighting nanny nanny accessing

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Unformatted text preview: ny Nanny Accessing spirits and martial leadership Accessing gender neutral in Africa gender Female spiritual leaders usually past age of Female child-bearing age, respected like older men for their wisdom Moore Town Moore Additional 500 acres at petition of Nanny: Additional “given unto the said Nanny and the people now residing with her and their heirs and assigns a certain parcel of Land containing five hundred acres in the parish of Portland.” Slave Rebellion Slave More frequent in Caribbean than in More North America North Living with Fear Living Tacky Rebellion 1760 Tacky Tacky an Akan spiritual leader Tacky Charms that would protect from white Charms man’s bullets man’s Goal: destruction of white domination and Goal: control by the Akan control Failure Failure Lack of coordinated strategy Superior British forces and militia Help of Maroons Death of Tacky Women and Rebellions Women Sometime women participated and Sometime supported supported Sometimes women betrayed rebellions Sometimes in an attempt to save the families they nursed and cared for nursed...
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