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Characteristics partial dependence on plantation

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Unformatted text preview: al dependence on plantation society Usually African born African skills Majority male, though significant numbers Majority of women and children of Jamaica Jamaica Jamaican Maroons Jamaican Spanish had slaves before 1655 Black population left by Spanish in Black 1655 at 1200-1500 (planter historian Edward Long) Edward Headed for the hills Leeward / Windward Leeward African Communities African African religion and culture African language African technologies Adapted to guerilla warfare – – – African warrior skills Inaccessible regions Abeng; ‘magic’ British Attempt to Subdue British Eighty-five year struggle Eighty-five March 1738 Treaty - Signed by March Cudjoe Freedom in exchange for returning Freedom runaway slaves runaway Maroon Treaty Maroon Nanny opposed to treaty Nanny Signed by subordinate three months Signed later later Neutralized maroons; appear thereafter Neutralized as allies of the British as Nanny Nanny 1733 estimate “300 1733 fighting men” fighting Nan...
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