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Mulatto (PowerPoint) - Mulatto Mulatto Tensions Tensions...

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Unformatted text preview: Mulatto Mulatto Tensions Tensions ► For slave women, a relationship with the For white master or overseer: white Anti-slavery action Became part of labor aristocracy Became ► Created tension between black women. ► Tension between black men and black Tension women women Joanna – Stedman’s Mulatto Wife Joanna ► "A beautiful tinge of "A vermilion glowed through her dark cheeks, when she was gazed upon” gazed Identity Identity ► Identified with European father ► Distanced from African heritage ► “We [the free coloreds] assure your worships We that we shall be ready at all times to give proof of our loyalty and sincere attachment to the King and Constitution” the Mulattos and Slaves Mulattos ► Reputation for treating domestics worse than Reputation whites whites ► Opposed emancipation: “We have all our Opposed lives been accustomed to the assistance of slaves. . . Surely death would be preferable to a situation of [slavelessness] situation Myth of the Fall Myth ► Afro-Creole social construction ► Black women are responsible for the class Black divisions amongst African-derived peopled divisions Stories Stories George Stiebel George ► ► Born to a Jamaican Born housekeeper, and a German Jew in the 1820s Jew 1840s George’s father gave 1840s him start up capital to purchase a ship, which he began using to transport cargo between North and South America. Magdalene Stiebel Stiebel ► Married long Married time sweetheart Magdalene Baker, daughter of a Moravian Missionary. Wealth & Prestige Wealth ► Purchased 99 properties (it was illegal to own Purchased 100 properties during the period) including two sugar estates, a wharf at Church Street, Great Salt Pond and a Cattle Pen named Minard, in St. Ann. ► Her Majesty the Queen bestowed on Stiebel Her the honour of Companion of the Most Distinguished Order (C.M.G.). Devon House Devon Crimean War Heroines Crimean Mother Seacole Mother ► Daughter of Daughter Scottish army officer and free Mulatto woman Mulatto ...
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