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Gender and Racial Constructions (PowerPoint)

Gender and Racial Constructions (PowerPoint) - Constructing...

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Unformatted text preview: Constructing Meaning Constructing Plantation Plantation Absolute Difference Absolute Africans as “‘heathenish’ and ‘brutish’, an Africans ‘uncertain, dangerous kind of people,’ unfit to be governed by English law.” First Slave Code (Barbados – 1661) (Barbados Black population constructed as opposite: Black labor, housing, clothing, law, religion, language Constructing Difference Constructing White Women White Central to establish Central racial superiority – elevate white women White women White eliminated as field hands hands All white women All became ‘misses.’ became Fragile, passive, Fragile, confined to the home confined Constructing Difference Constructing Enslaved Men Enslaved Threatening Threatening Hypersexual Protection of white Protection womanhood justification for violence violence Hypersexual vs. Reason Hypersexual Lazy Lazy Lazy Lazy Unwilling to work Unwilling without the whip without Enslaved Women Enslaved The Ultimate “Other” Production not Reproduction Production No sexual No division of labor labor Amazon Amazon work horses work Domestic Slaves Slaves Division of labor in Division the household maintained alongside no division in field division Punishment Punishment No gender division No regarding punishment punishment British colonies no British codes to protect women women Eroticization Eroticization Promiscuous – Promiscuous sexually disordered disordered Motherhood Cruel and Cruel negligent as mothers; fickle as wives as Toward Reproductive Role Toward Natural Natural promiscuity cause of low birth rate birth Breeding Breeding Closer to Closer nature: gave birth ‘with little or no difficulty in rapid succession succession Mulatto Constructions Mulatto Ambiguity Ambiguity Blurred boundary of ‘black & white’ Sometime seen as buffer Greater threat because of similarity Carefully constructed boundaries Historian Edward Long Historian “Some few of them [Mulattos] have Some intermarried here with those of their own complexion; but such matches have generally been defective and barren. They seem in this respect to be actually the mule-kind, and not capable of producing from one another as from a commerce with a distinct White or Black.” distinct Mulatto Men Mulatto Constructed as Constructed effeminate effeminate “Ridiculously Ridiculously vain, haughty, and irascible [and] almost universally weak and effeminate persons.” persons.” Mulatto Women Mulatto Bewitching – Bewitching capable of sexual witchcraft witchcraft Mulatto Women Mulatto “Extremely proud, vain and ignorant; despise Extremely men of their own colour; and though they have their amorous desires abundantly gratified by them and black men secretly, they will not avow these connections.” avow ...
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