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The Interlopers (PowerPoint) - Centralizing Monarchies...

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Unformatted text preview: Centralizing Monarchies Centralizing Northern Europe Dutch Incursions Dutch • Dutch opened the way for others The dutch The • • • • • 1621 Dutch West Indies Co 1630 conquered N. Brazil 1637 port of Elmina 1641 captured Sao Tomé, é, Luanda, Angola Luanda, 1640 Portugal regained 1640 control of the trade south of the equator the French French • • • • 1643 incursions Hispaniola. 1697 ceded by Spain 1697 Asiento (1702-1712) siento (1702-1712) Nantes – enough blacks to Nantes form a black regiment at beginning of French revolution revolution Brandenberg Brandenberg • Brandenburg – brief Brandenburg presence on West African coast, but abandoned when their attempt to take the Caribbean island of Tobago failed. of Danish Danish 1651: Holstein – 1651: Portuguese Jews 1657 founded fort at Christiansborg (latter Accra) and Fort Friedrichburg Friedrichburg Goal: slaves St. Goal: Thomas and St. John Thomas Centralizing Monarchies Centralizing England 1558-1663 Centralizing Monarchs Centralizing “No land uninhabitable, No no sea unnavigable.” (Henry VII) (Henry “Is not the use of sea and Is air common to all?” (Elizabeth) (Elizabeth) Daring, Adventure, Gain Daring, • Ignored Treaty of Ignored • Tordesillas Tordesillas “Export not to one, but Export to sundry places.” (Lord Burghley) Burghley) Sir John Hawkins Sir 1562 John Hawkins 1562 kidnapped 400 slaves from Africa from Third voyage with Francis Third Drake: lost their crew, their profits, but not their reputations. their Reckless Adventurers Reckless • 1573 Francis Drake 1573 captured silver of Peru (£20,000) as it crossed the Isthmus of Panama, sailed through the straits of Magellan and raided Pacific coast for silver, crossed the Pacific to purchase spices in Moluccas, and arrived back in England in 1580 back Colonization Colonization • 1618 a hundred homeless and starving young 1618 boys and girls from slums of London were shipped to Virginia. • Criminals: “though morally depraved, could Criminals: yield a profitable service” in New World yield • Impressed into Royal Navy Elizabeth Elizabeth • “Which of the Kings of this land before her Which Majesty had ever their banners seen in the Caspian Sea? Which of them hath ever dealt with the Emperor of Persia. . . Whoever saw. . . an English subject on the porch of the Grand Signoir at Constantinople? Who ever found English consuls at Tripoli, at Aleppo, at Babylon, at Basra and who hears of Englishmen at Gao before now?” (Hakluyt) William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) • Earl of Southampton Earl • • became Shakespeare's patron in 1593 patron Shakespeare’s First Folio Shakespeare’s is inscribed to Earl of Pembroke Pembroke Hamlet performed 1607Hamlet Sierra Leone estuary. Sierra James I: Jamestown 1607 James • Granted private Granted proprietorship of Jamestown to Virginia Company of London Company Official Trade in Slaves Official • 1660 Royal African Company formed – 1660 West African gold West • 1663 RAC reorganized – given monopoly 1663 on African trade and included slaves in addition to gold addition • Asiento 1713 from French Asiento England & African • Trade Gradually Moved South ...
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