Gender and Racial Constructions (PowerPoint)

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Unformatted text preview: Gender and Racial Constructions Constructions Orientalism: Edward Said Orientalism: Study or exotic Oriental Study Oriental Europeans divided the Europeans world into two parts: occident and the orient or the civilized and the uncivilized. Used orientalism to Used define themselves. Orientalism Orientalism Pairs of opposites: nature/culture, savage/ civilized, black/white, dark/light, civilized, superstition/reason, immoral/moral, Africa most extreme opposite Africa Africa The Dark Continent The Dark, savage, Dark, superstitious superstitious Uncivilized Most humane to Most remove Africans remove Africa - Frightening Africa Africa: Intimidating Africa: Africa: Feminine Africa: Disordered, wild, and Disordered, excessive Endowed with a Endowed teeming female sexuality which affects everything within her Africans Africans Africans Africans “Proud, treacherous, Proud, thievish” “Panderers, incestuous, Panderers, brutish, and savage, cruel and revengeful, devourers of human flesh, and quaffers of human blood, inconstant, base treacherous, and cowardly” cowardly” African Women African “Outrageously erotic,” Outrageously unable to be controlled by their menfolk their Exhibiting sexual behavior Exhibiting that was more animal than human human African Men African African males lazy Slavery an opportunity Slavery to regain their manhood through work through Patriarchy / Polygamy Patriarchy “Repulsive Repulsive institution, symptomatic of black masculine oppression and its offshoot, black female debasement.” debasement.” White men must White protect African women women Africans Feminized Africans Too mired in nature More animal than human Like women – bodies interfered with Like ability to reason ability Africans: Africa’s raw material Africans: African Religion African African Religion African No coherent beliefs of No their own their Missionaries believed Missionaries witch doctors had power to call up devil and evil spirits spirits Like women – Like dangerous and needing to be controlled to Christian Imagery Christian Black and white Black Dark and Light Good and Evil Moral and immoral Religious response Religious Early contact Catholic Catholic Africans had souls souls Protestant Protestant Later More commercial From souls to From commodities commodities Enlightenment Images Enlightenment Nature/culture Savage/civilized Superstition/reason Sexual Mixing Sexual “Portuguese women do not thrive or flourish Portuguese here. That is why the Portuguese do not take many white Women here, since they do not thrive here.” thrive [The Portuguese] do not consider their [The [African wives] as much as their own Wives; yet they may separate from them as they please and in turn buy other women whenever it suits them.” it Sexual Mixing: English Sexual “This bastard Strain is made up of a parcel of This profligate Villains, neither true to the Negroes nor to us, nor indeed dare they trust one another. . . I can hardly give them a Character so bad as they deserve. I can only tell you whatever is in its own nautre worst in the Europeans and Negroes is united in them” Europeans ...
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